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As a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 11 years, I am happy to discover the alexander Technique. I have been lucky enough to work wth June Chadwick for the last couple of years. Not only has she helped me personally with my body alignment but she has also had a tremendously beneficial effect on my patients, helping to correct connective tissue and alignment disorders on many levels. This gives people relief from pain, greater freedom of movement and increased energy.

Dr Monica McCoy

I have done a lot of bodywork in the last two decades. I am 60 tears old and was beginning to feel terrible with many aches and pains. I was turning into a slumpy old lady, even tho' I swim four days a week! This technique has changed my life.

Marcia Lindberg (former garment cutter production manager)

I really like the whole body connetion you help me acheive - truly a wonderful feeling.Your technique is sure, yet very gentle and allowing. There are hardly words to describe all the changes. I am taller,freer, more at ease and best of all, this is unconscious , effortless and lasting.

Karen Irland (Senior Level !V Centerd Riding Instructor)

When I first came to see June for lessons, I had no idea what to expect, since I had very little knowledge of the Alexander Technique. I thought they were movement classes that would help me on stage as an actor. They are so much more The technique has affected every part of my life, learning how to be still and just BE. I find myself working from such a different place as an actor. I am more aware, open and permeable. I have learned how to quieten and ease both my body and my mind.

May Lee (actress)

The Alexander Technique has changed my life physically , mental and professionally. After I started lessons with June, everyone was asking if I'd had plastic surgery since I looked so much better, but it was the Alexander Technique!

Michelle (actress)

I leave a session feeling taller and lighter, watching my body change for the better. It's the best way to spend an hour of your day!

Dianne Vapnek (dance teacher)

June is a consummate teacher. She is passionate about the Technique, which I feel should be studied by everyone!

Liz Dalling (Special Artists Talent Agency)

I only wish I'd been introduced to the Alexander Technique ealier in life!

It amazed me to learn how the harmful habits we develop in regards to the use of our bodies can become so ingrained in us to that they seem normal . It takes continued awareness to reprogram our minds back to the unimpeded 'usage' of our bodies, but the resulting release of tension and ease of movement is so wonderfully worthwhile.

Kerin Friden (former owner of El Encanto hotel, Montecito)

My lessons with June have helped me for my neck and shoulder invaluably. The technique has helped me learn to go with my natural body movement instead of constantly fighting it. Being in awareness, then letting our mind and body do what they are supposed to do is only accomplished with lessons to retrain those pathways. Val Trucksa (CRT nurse)

Dancers are generally taught to pull up through the torso in order to execute classical dance movements.

It is always a challenge to allow the head to lead and the back to soften since these two areas are usually neglected. The alexander technique is a valid learning experience for dancers.

Erlyne Whiteman (Ph.D Director of Dance, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA)

Having June teach the Alexander Technique to my acting classs has been invaluable. It has opened up a whole new world to students who are interested in fully integrating the creative mind and physical body.

Mitchel Thomas (Drama professor, ,Westmont College, Santa Barbara)


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