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About June

June Chadwick is a certified member of the American Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (AmSAT)

She was introduced to the technique as a music student of voice and piano at the Royal Academy of Music in London. The lessons helped her through scoliosis, curing her back pain and helping her through stagefright! Now, with 40 years of experience with the technique, she has given up a 30 year career as an actress, singer, dancer to teach and help others.

She is a guest teacher for the drama and dance departments at Westmont College and has also taught for the drama, dance and music departments at the California Institute of the Arts.

June thanks the technique for enabling her to ride dressage, scuba dive, ski, play tennis and swim.

She is a level I ''Centered Riding'' instructor owning the company 'For Horse's Sake'' with her partner, Nina Svele. The company offers a combination of riding lessons and bodywork that will free both the rider and their horse. For more information visit:

She lives in Montecito and Brentwood, CA with her husband, Dr Toby Mayer and her seven four - legged

kids (4 horses, 1 dog and 3 cats!)

June is an avid equestrian and a Centered Riding instructor , scuba diver, swimmer and tennis player.

She is married to Dr Toby Mayer, and has many 4 legged 'kids' - 2 horses, 2 dogs and 3 cats!

Alexander Technique Sessions

June Chadwick (M.Amsat. Centered Riding) : Alexander Technique Sessions
Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet club, Montecito, Los Angeles, Email:, Tel: 805 565 9958